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Study in Denmark

With a thriving government providing one of the best welfare states and voted once again the happiest country in the world, Denmark has a countless number of opportunities for all ,it is based in Northern Europe. Whichever subject you choose to study in Denmark you can expect outstanding quality and academic standards that are recognized worldwide. - More than 500 programmes and 1300 courses taught in English - An innovative educational system of high international quality - Excellent collaborative and innovative skills - A well-organized, friendly and safe country - A strong foundation for your future career Can I work along with my studies ? You are able to work up to a maximum of 15 hours on a Danish student Visa during term time; however, between June and August you will be able to work full time. Is it possible to extend my visa after studies ? For reasons of study or to find employment you are able to extend your student visa up to a period of 6 months after the completion of your course.

Country Facts

Denmark is one of the emerging educational hubs in Europe because of its high academic standards and modern teaching methodology for many international students. The modern social welfare state with its good research based learning atmosphere, interdisciplinary studies and project-based activities along with clean and safe environment and attractive business atmosphere made it more popular destination among international student. Danish higher education has historical academic traditions that merge excellence in teaching methods and learning environments with a dynamic and innovative culture in research. In most of the Danish educational institutions, not only students are provided the lectures but are also grouped together for the discussions in their related subject matter, expecting each of them to actively contribute for the betterment of the world. Along with their academic studies, students also learn to work independently. They become able to think critically on any issues and solve the subject matter with analytical initiatives.

Popular Programs

International students can choose from more than 500 degree programmes. Undergraduates Before choosing your programme, you first need to decide on the purpose of your studies. What is your ultimate goal? Do you want a professional qualification that will lead to a specific career? Then you might wish to consider one of the Academy Profession or Professional Bachelor's programmes. These tend to be fairly structured, with periods of compulsory work placement. However, if you are focused on academic achievement, you may prefer a more research-based Bachelor's degree. They offer more time for independent study, group activities and project work. Academy Profession degree An Academy Profession (AP) degree programme is for you if you seek employment in business and industry. Combining theory and practice, AP degree programmes are developed in close collaboration with representatives from their respective professional sector. This ensures that the skills you'll acquire will be as current and advanced as possible. You will learn to identify, select and analyse data and information from a variety of sources. In addition to attending lectures, AP students often undertake project work in small or larger groups. You will also complete work placements in Danish or overseas companies - giving you the chance to apply your skills and knowledge in practice.

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